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- About Colchis Botanicals -

Colchis Botanicals was born of a unique partnership to bring powerful herbal skincare solutions from the Black Sea Region to U.S. skincare professionals.  The roots of our formula lie in the ancient medicinal traditions of the country of Georgia; a land made famous in Greek mythology for its Kingdom of Colchis, home of the goddess Medea, renown for her herbal potions, and site of the famous golden fleece stolen by Jason and the Argonauts.  Since ancient times, Georgia has been known for highly developed medicinal traditions, with writings on herbal medicines dating to before the 10th century.


The original formula was discovered in the 1970s, back in the USSR, by Vitali Darsania while researching Georgian traditional medicines in an attempt to find a cure to relieve his suffering from Pancreatitis.  After years of experimentation with traditional herbal recipes, Vitali found a cure for his pancreatitis as well as an effective ointment for treatment of skin injuries and rashes. Word of Vitali’s herbal formulas quickly spread and strangers began to seek his help, especially for his ointment to cure skin ailments and injuries.  With the collapse of the USSR in 1991, Vitali was finally freed from communist restrictions and began commercial production of his ointment in Tbilisi, Georgia under the brand name “Kolkhuri,” in honor of the Kingdom of Colchis, the ancient origin of his formula.  Kolkhuri’s reputation quickly spread across the Caucasus and beyond, making it a household name, used both at home and hospital for treating mild to serious skin illnesses and injuries. 


While living in Georgia on official assignment for NATO, a local friend recommended Kolkhuri to my wife for a serious case of eczema.  We were immediately impressed by its effectiveness and started experimenting with it for many skin issues.  We soon approached the owner of Kolkhuri, Vitali’s son, Guram, and created a partnership to bring Vitali’s amazing formula the United States under the Colchis Botanicals brand.  Our first product is Colchis Botanicals Skin Rescue, a 100% vegan product formulated for skincare professionals to soothe and restore skin after cosmetic procedures such as hair removal, laser treatments and peels, as well as other skin injuries and irritations.   


Skin Rescue is composed of a proprietary formula of 8 powerful medicinal herbs that are rich in antioxidants, flavonoids and polyphenols that soothe, nourish, and restore the skin.   These herbs have been carefully chosen to provide quick relief from pain and irritation, to reduce redness and inflammation, to prevent and cure infection, and to stimulate rapid healing. 

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